Chris Brown out on bail after being charged with assault..

India Jones

Sept 1, 2016

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA- Chris Brown is out of jail following an investigation at his mansion in San Fernando Valley. Lucky for him, he posted a $250,000 bail and was released just before midnight on Tuesday.

Police have stated that a woman by the name of Baylee Curran told authorities Brown pointed a gun at her earlier Tuesday morning. Countless patrol vehicles surrounded his his mansion. However, Brown did not immediately cooperate with police and refused to speak on the issue with police unless they had a warrant to step foot on his property.

According to a phone interview E! News had with Curran, here is what we know. Curran was inside the kitchen admiring jewelry that was displayed to all of the guests in the house. She claims, “I admired this one piece, a diamond cross necklace. I did not pick it up, I did not touch it, take it or grab it, anything to that sort”.Β According to Curran, it was then that one of Brown’s pals confronted her by saying, “Get out, don’t touch the jewelry.”

Curran adds, “[The friend] was calling me names and that’s when Chris Brown kind of went off, pulled out a gun and said, β€˜Get the f–k out.'” The 24-year-old beauty queen, who has hung out with Chris “several times before” without incident, says the rapper pointed the gun at her and no other guest in the house.

One of Chris’ friends retrieved her items, Curran recalls to us, and told her he was hesitant to give back her phone until she signed an NDA, or nondisclosure agreement.Β Curran explained that she did not want to sign anything and grabbed her phone and ran down the driveway. It was then that she believes a neighbor saw her and called local authorities.




    Miss India Asata Imani Jones was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi to Ms. Angela Jenkins and Mr. Phineas Jones. While attending Vicksburg High School, Jones took classes along with electives that were geared towards her success.

    In May of 2015, she graduated with not only distinguished honors, but ranked among the top of her class at Vicksburg High School. Following graduation, she chose to expand her horizons and further her education at the prestigious Tougaloo College. She is currently a sophomore at Tougaloo College, majoring in mass communication with a focus in broadcasting and public relations.

    India believes Tougaloo College will be the gateway to achieving her lifelong dreams of becoming a news anchor, a distinguished journalist, and a television/radio host.

    Miss Jones currently works at MAC Cosmetics as a Freelance Make-Up Artist and at Altar’d State as a Brand Representative, while maintaining a full school schedule. She is always busy! 

    Jones is very optimistic about her life and the upcoming school year. Life is amazing!

My Journey..

 Hey, y’all! 

    It’s been so long! So much has been on my heart! It’s been on my heart to write a heartfelt letter for the longest! Like, since January! 😩 Just haven’t been motivated & I’ve  been so lazy. 

  Anyway, since January.. what has all happened? Um.. well the anxiety that I struggled with so badly in 10th & 11th grade popped back up again! 😩 Not fun at all. Literally I’ve tried everything to cope with it. It’s getting better but what really helps me is talking and praying to God, listening to sermons by Joel Osteen & Joyce Meyer, sucking on cough drops, & going to the reservoir to watch the water. It’s very difficult because it’s like I’m timid and hesitant to do the simplest things! Ugh, it’s so debilitating. But I’ve gotten so much better. Now that I’m not necessarily embarrassed by it & I’m more vocal about it, I feel free kinda. I’ve learned that anxiety is not some nasty disease that is contagious. Literally it’s just having an overactive nervous system.. That’s it. Usually genetic or the aftermath of a traumatic experience. I’m fine though, just continue to pray for me. ❀️ It gets better everyday. I’m also thankful that those of you struggling with it feel like y’all can come to me and vent. I understand the struggle! Do not feel alone because you are NOT! 

  Next, my 19th birthday was February 27th. Best day ever! I spent it with my close friends, family, & Wally. It was the best day ever! Full of everyone I love & pure fun. Wally took me to the park & out to eat. Lauren took me to the movies. My family bought me a cake. I got so many phone calls & texts! Just perfect & so simple! 

  After that, March hit & there were various holidays & birthdays I had to endure that month.. so much happened! Very heartbreaking things happened during the month of March. I’m still dealing with the excruciating aftermath of the events that took place during March. Ugh! But all in all, I’m thankful for all that happened in March because you know tough situations bring out a different side of a person. I saw a lot of people’s true colors and did not like what I saw so thankfully I was able to cut them out of my life. It still hurts but you know.. God knew what He was doing. Looking back, they would’ve only brought negativity to my life & that’s not where my life is headed. So.. yeah. 

  April.. Hmmm! Oh! CRUNCH TIME! School is about to come to an end. I remember being so stressed about my last month of freshman year! Can’t believe I made it! But had 4 major final exams to pass! No pressure, right? Plus y’all.. I still worked at ULTA during this time & I was working like a dog & coming back to my dorm dead tired. I hated it. I was tired all the time. After a lot of prayer, I finally decided to quit ULTA because it was hindering my sleep & functionality at school. So I cut that out & was so broke lol.. I hated it but didn’t really have a choice. I finally reached the end of the semester! I moved out of my dorm & back home. I finally got the gumption to apply to MAC! Being a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics has literally been a lifelong dream of mine & the crazy thing is.. I never thought I was good enough to work there but I took a step out on faith and tried anyway & I got the job! So blessed! Also, I got a new car! LIFE WAS AWESOME after school ended lol..

 Now, it’s May. I’ve found myself being kinda low in the mornings but once I get myself to finally get up, I can function and my mood increases. I’ve been going to bed a little earlier and just taking time to do what India wants to do. I’m tired of living for other people and trying to please everyone. I hate feeling like everyone needs to like me & I always hold my tongue when things are bothering me to spare others’ feelings. I’m tired of that bc at the end of the night I have to deal with those gut-wrenching feelings. SO OVER IT! Definitely done chasing people. Whoever wants to be in my life will make an effort to be in it. I will not chase people anymore. I’ve outgrown a lot of people and that’s fine too. No hard feelings. A lot of people have been trying to start drama with me as well lately. I would suggest you stop bc you’re wasting your time. I know y’all are reading this! Lol. So concerned with my life and I don’t know half of y’all exist! SO FUNNY! but HEY! 

Anyway, that’s it! I am just trying to enjoy life! Keeping God first, doing what India wants to do, laughing until my abs hurt, singing until my throat hurts, smiling until my cheeks hurt, praying until I can’t pray anymore.. Just wanna be surrounded by positive vibes! THAT’S IT! ❀️❀️❀️


Sending you positive vibes,

India ❀️

Pre-NYE Jitters?

Hey, y’all. So I know 2016 is coming up & everyone is looking around, deciding on their plans for tomorrow night. So fun, right?

I’m writing this for those who won’t necessarily have these lavish plans and for those who aren’t in the holiday spirit at all.

I’ve encountered people who’ve responded “I’m getting drunk” after I asked what their NYE plans were. I, personally, don’t involve myself with that type of behavior. It seems so easy to do, you know? Anyone can get drunk on New Year’s Eve. Like, can we switch it up a bit? 

Definitely won’t be hanging with those people so I sat back and thought about other things I can do. That turned into me realizing that honestly all I need is my family to bring in the new year with. I’m not gonna be basic and “get drunk” or “get turnt” like my counterparts. 

It’s okay to hang with your family on NYE in your pajamas and just be thankful you made it to the start of a new year, you know? Make the most of it.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay surrounded by your family. 

Happy NEW YEAR!! 

Cheers to 2016! (*takes shot of sweet tea)

Xoxo, India

Just Thoughts..

Hey, y’all! It’s India. Obviously lol. Well I am just writing to share with y’all some recent feelings I’ve been feeling & hopefully y’all can relate to me. 

So.. It all started with me graduating from high school, getting through the summer (& it was a definite struggle of a summer), & going to college. 

Well, after I graduated, life was awesome. I was so excited to go to college & I just knew my summer would be awesome. PUH-LEEZ.

Everything that could go wrong, DID! & I’m just thinking ,”What in the world have I done to deserve this?” Y’all, when I say I was so sad & so done with everything and everyone!! OMG! I don’t have the words. (I can’t do into detail because the details are embarrassing, but I digress.)

So after my summer was so terrible, I moved into college. Me & my roommate were really getting along & we were so excited to live together, blah blah.. Long story short, that didn’t work out. (Very discouraging but thankfully, I’m completely over it now. 😊) 

So school starts, people at school are rude, & my classes seem so difficult. I began to get very discouraged, wondering how I’m gonna spend 4 years here. 

I missed my high school friends & I began to feel very lonely. I would try to make friends at school but the “friendship” would literally last like a week & then we would just stop hanging out & never talk again. That happened like 5 times. So over it. I just stopped trying to make friends. I felt so lonely though. Countless nights I would cry myself to sleep or just feel so down and out. 

I would see everyone with their friends walking around campus while I was alone. I would see my friends from high school on social media with their new friends & I would get even more discouraged because why was everyone having luck with friends & I wasn’t? I’m a nice person, right? People wanna be my friend, right?

Months later, fast forward to late October. This is where I began to feel a little relief & peace about the situation because I became busier with work & school work so I didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on my lack of a social life. This really helped me & served as a constructive, positive distraction. 

It took me 3 months of being lonely, depressed, & just downright sad to realize that I don’t need a friend to enjoy my college life. Sure, that’ll be so much fun. But, obviously me trying so hard & overextending myself resulted in me feeling even more drained & feeling like I wasn’t worth being anyone’s friend. Why didn’t people wanna be friends with me? What’s wrong with me? I’m a nice person, right? 

The people I was so interested in being friends with turned out to be the types of people I don’t associate myself with. The reason these attempts did not work is because God knew those people would only drag me down. I’m so thankful those friendships didn’t work. Glory to God! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Current update: I don’t have a lot of friends naturally. 2 of my best friends are out of town at college. I am making friends with my coworkers. Love them! They are so much better! So much nicer than the people I was trying so hard to get close to. These new girls aren’t haters. They aren’t trying to compete with new. They aren’t jealous for no reason. So refreshing! I am so blessed.

I am learning to count my blessings and just enjoy my life. I don’t have time to be worried about who likes me and who doesnt. Half the time they are hating on me so of course they aren’t gonna like me. At least not to my face. 

It’s all a game, y’all. People enjoy wasting your time & draining your evergy. 

Well, I refuse to allow it any longer. So happy with myself now! Not living for anyone else’s, just me. There is nothing wrong with having me as a friebd, some people just aren’t meant for me to be friends with. 

It’s okay, y’all. Life is awesome. You’re alive. You are loved. God is your biggest fan. What more can you ask for? 

Let me know in the comments or on my social media links what you thought of this post & if it helped you! Will be posting more soon! 

God bless. 

Xo, India πŸ’‹

In need of clarity & prayer..

  Hey, y’all. 

  It’s been so long I know. Well, lately, I’ve been stressing myself out about work and about school and just personal life. Everything is stressing me out. There are times where I’m like “Okay, India. Count your blessings.” That works for a little bit, but after about 10 minutes, those thoughts come right back. It’s a never ending cycle. 

  So yes, I’ve been extremely in the dumps for the past few weeks actually. I really don’t like my college. My social life sucks. Work is exhausting and an inconvenience sometimes. My relationships are all rocky. πŸ˜“ Just ugh.. I am currently working on getting my life together. 

  Oh, school is really hard. So much work.. I’m tired of the routine. I’m tired of being sad. I’m tired of being annoyed & frustrated. I’m just tired. 

  I hope y’all are doing well! Let me know how your life is going! πŸ’‹

God bless you.

Xo, India

How I Stay Positive

Hey, y’all! I’m hoping you’re having a great day. I’m feeling okay. I’ve actually been going through a lot lately, well if we’re being honest, for some months now.  It’s okay. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m a strong girl. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’• 

I always get asked, “India, how do you stay so positive?”

Here’s a list of things that help me when I feel like crap😝: 

  1. Faith In God
  2. Analysis of why what’s happening to me is happening to me
  3. Knowing that I’m completely and fully in control of my emotions.
  4. Counting my blessings (health, family, friends, job, school, freedom)
  5. Acknowledging the fact that my circumstances could always be worse &  someone always has it worse off than me
  6. Find a mentor. I love Joel Osteen! 

Acknowledge your emotions.

I cannot stress this enough. I know in the past, if something was really bothering me, I would be so frantic trying to conjure up ways to cheer myself up. That’s okay sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. But I’ve learned if you allow yourself to cry, scream, throw things, you’re able to get those feelings out and you feel better soon. It doesn’t feel good now but you’ll feel better soon.

Believe it or not, these past few months have been so hard for me. I’ve cried for days on end, wanted to scream, wanted to run away and get away from the world but you know.. All this has brought me closer to God. 

Honestly, you can throw any news my way & peace will be in my heart. No matter how difficult or devastating the news may be, I know whatever happens is for a reason and I do not question God. 

He has been on my side forever and even when I thought it was the end, God said No. He continues to amade me. I am eternally grateful. 

I graduated high school in May and you know, I’m thinking this summer would be the best summer ever. πŸ™…πŸ½πŸ™…πŸ½ GIRL PLEASE! Everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong. I let it discourage me at first but I didn’t like that feeling. So I shifted my thinking into positive thinking. Nothing can break me. I owe that to God and my life circumstances. I’m truly a stronger person due to this past summer.  

My purpose in life is to spread the love God has placed in my heart. I truly enjoy motivating and lifting the spirits of others and reassuring then, letting them know that their current circumstances will soon blow over. I promise. 😘

P.S. I do suffer from anxiety (panic attacks, over thinking, insomnia) so that makes my daily life even more difficult. That’s a constant struggle that I’ve been dealing with since 10th grade.

Life is amazing. You’re amazing. Everything will be okay. I know life is hard. Life hurts sometimes. My heart hurts daily but you know, I’m thankful to be here feeling these emotions so I’m willing to go through them. 

How can we have good days if we’ve never experienced bad days? Think about it.

If you need someone to talk to, all my social networking will be posted below. I really wanna help you feel better! ❀️

Xoxo India πŸ’‹

Instagram: indiaaijones 

Twitter: @IndiaJ_

Snapchat/Pinterest: IzzleJay


I Took A Hiatus

Hey, y’all! πŸ™ˆ I’ve missed blogging so much! Literally every day since my last post, I think about writing but I never do.. Tonight/This Morning, I decided to stop procrastinating & do this! I know you all miss the daily/frequent posts. I’m back I promise! I feel as if God has been leading me to this my whole life. Just took me to actually be proactive and make this blog/come up with topics. I’m so grateful to help all of you & this helps me as well. As of now, I am getting ready for college, just got a job as a Beauty Advisor at ULTA Beauty, & trying to hang out with as much friends and family as possible before school starts! I am here because my heart has been pulling me to make a blog for almost a year now and God put this in my spirit. I will be writing more frequently! Thanks so much for sticking around!

God Bless You!

It’s literally 12:21 AM & I am so tired!


Love, India πŸ’‹


I’m so sorry it has taken me soooo long to come back. I just haven’t been in the zone, you know? This blog is definitely gonna be all over the place because I’m LITERALLY typing what I’m thinking as I think it.

Okay.. so lately, I’ve just been so in my own zone, isolated from the world, and numb to my surroundings.

It’s like.. I’m becoming a realist. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

In the past, when bad things happened, I would be hurt and upset for days on end and be so sad and depressed. Now, of course my feelings are hurt but I no longer allow situations to control me. I now have control over the situation.

Let me repeat that again, haha.

“I no longer allow situations to control me. I now have control over situations.”

Okay! Just so we’re clear!

Y’all know I’m a senior in high school and I’m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If I’m not researching scholarships and keeping up with deadlines, I’m at work until midnight or later. When I get home, I STILL have to study, shower, and do homework. The next morning, I go to school extremely TIRED and it’s the same cycle almost everyday. I feel like I’m ALWAYS tired. Ugh.

I love my job though! Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a “trainee” so I’m still learning the ropes. I also haven’t mastered juggling school, work, and home life yet. Any of y’all have tips for that? I’m trying to stay on top with all 3 it’s just SO MUCH TO DO!

I feel so overwhelmed. I feel like my anxiety is coming back on. WORST CONDITION EVER! 😦

Anyway, I’m about to study and learn how to meditate from YouTube, haha. No seriously I am. I just got home from work.

Have a great night, y’all!

God bless!

Love, India